6 Best Kept Music Marketing Secrets

30 janvier 2010 9:54

Un article très intéressant sur les basiques du marketing musical web pour les musiciens indépendants. L’article a été publié en Janvier 2010 par Lior Shamir sur le blog Wearelistening

1. Email Is The Holy Grail

Whether you’re tricking out your MySpace page or performing at your
local venue, always think about what you can do to collect more email
addresses. Believe me, there is nothing of greater importance than your
email list.  If you’re not using a professional email marketing service
(EMS), you should start now.

2. Passive Radio Is Passé

Massive online radio sites get your music in front of targeted music
fans.  They are not your average passive radio listeners, they are
music fanatics feverishly searching for music just like yours.  Yeah,
you have to pay for the privilege, but the exposure you get in return
is guaranteed and trackable.  In the music biz, it’s hard to find that
kind of bang-for-your-buck value. Jango Airplay
is the largest online radio promotion service that I know of.  As a
Jango affiliate, I regularly send artists in their direction.  The
feedback from these artists has been phenomenal.

3. Get Professional Help

Whether it’s your songwriting or your marketing (or anything else),
never underestimate the value of expert advice.  We Are Listening
provides professional assessments for songs and lyrics.
It’s what we know and what we’re good at.  But you can find a service,
coach or consultant for any project you wish to
fast track to success.  The humility required to ask for help and
receive critical feedback is the mark of an independent artist and
entrepreneur that people want to listen to and associate with.
Personally, I can use all the help I can get!

4. Stand Out

You don’t have to be loud to stand out.  The smallest touches can make
a huge impact… and I don’t mean limited edition vinyls or
glow-in-the-dark t-shirts.  For example, I recently discovered that you
can create your own custom M&Ms.
It’s awesome.  Imagine every M&M with your message and image on it,
any colour scheme you like, and branded packaging.  Great munchies at a
gig.  Lovely gift for any holiday.

5. Follow The Leaders

I can’t think of a better way to learn about the music industry and
make great connections than by following individuals who have been
there, done it, succeeded, and willing to share their experiences with
you.  For free.  I recently published a post on the subject that should
get you started:

14 Music Industry Leaders (You Should Follow)

6. Be An Outstanding Communicator

Most people are not.  But it’s something that can be learned.  Remember Secret #1 (Email Is The Holy Grail)?
Well, that email list you’ve been growing is not worth a dime if you
can’t put a compelling message together.  Outstanding communicators
stand out, lead and succeed.  Are you an outstanding communicator?

Wearelistening.org a aussi récemment publié la « success story » de I Fight Dragon, qui est parvenu à vendre pour $10,000 de musique en seulement 2 jours, alors que le groupe n’était signé aucun label. Juste du direct-to-fan!

Must read: $10,000 In 48 Hours (Without A Label)

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TEAMS presents The Konki Duet’s new EP : ENSEMBLE

10 décembre 2009 9:42

TEAMS a aidé le trio Rock indé The Konki Duet a distribuer leur dernier EP sur Internet.
Retrouvez cet excellent Maxi 5 titres sur l’ensemble des grandes plateformes download (iTunes, AmazonMp3, Emusic etc.), sur les services streaming comme Deezer, ou achetez le directement au groupe, en vous rendant par exemple sur leur page Facebook

Digital EP OUT NOW !


Released Date: 2009 August 24st – Digital EP (5 tracks)
(p) The Konki Duet, delivered by TEAMS & Idol Distribution

The Konki Duet (Zoé, Tam, Kumi) is a trio with many ideas. After two albums and gigs all around the world the girls are back with 5 new songs recorded by Stéphane Laporte, with a beautiful artwork by Julien Pacaud. Don’t miss the amazing track « Riff »: A crazy rock instrumental you should listen loudly while driving in the desert.

1. Riff
2. Isolée
3. Ensemble
4. Nothing but Love
5. Stereoland

Click here to download the EP (it’s cheap and very helpful):

Deezer loves The Konki Duet !

The Konki Duet en Home page de Deezer en sept. 09

Review by Olivier Lamm: (french version below)

You could ask either Tam, Zoé or Kumi and always get the same reply: the problem with The Konki Duet, it’s that everyone seems to have an idea on what their music should be. Hence, hardcore fans of the veneous minimalist songs from their first record Il Fait Tout Gris didn’t like the the rough pop rock from Mountain Mouton. And you will surely find fans from Mountain Mouton who resent them for trading live drums for pretty beatbox on stage. Whatever, this mini album will surprise them all.
The girls have moved on. Tam often drops her violin to pick up the guitar. The record opens on a minimalist instrumental desert-rock track, that you could easily mistake for math rock. Another song combines a strong guitar riff with a j-pop chorus to tell us about agirl who understands the meaning of life, once she’s had a glass of wine. Another one opens on a (sort of) Van Halen keyboard. And if it sounds like dub to you, it’s because Stéphane Laporte of Domotic is producing.
Maybe not everybody will like « Ensemble ». Too bad, that’s what The Konki Duet sounds like in 2009.

French version:
Demandez donc à Tam, Zoé ou Kumi, elles vous répondront toutes les trois la même chose: le problème de The Konki Duet, c’est que tout le monde semble avoir son idée sur la musique qu’elles devraient faire.
Ainsi, les fans transis du minimalisme vénéneux de leur premier album Il fait tout gris n’ont pas beaucoup aimé la pop rêche et rock de leur deuxième Mountain Mouton, et il se trouve certainement des fans de Mountain Mouton pour leur en vouloir d’avoir finalement abandonné la batterie sur scène au profit de jolies boîtes à rythmes. Tant pis pour eux,  ce mini-album les surprendra tous.
Les filles ont avancé. Tam joue beaucoup de guitare, maintenant. Le disque s’ouvre sur un instrumental de desert rock minimaliste, presque math. Une chanson aligne un riff de guitare rauque à la Shannon Wright et un refrain j-pop terrible pour nous parler d’une fille qui a compris le sens de la vie, parce qu’elle est seule et alcoolisée. Une autre s’ouvre sur un riff de synthé qui rappelle Van Halen (un peu). Un autre encore ressemble presque à du dub, parce que c’est Stéphane Laporte de Domotic qui produit, et qu’ il a passé toutes les pistes dans ses échos à bande. Tout le monde n’aimera peut-être pas « Ensemble » parce qu’il ne ressemble à rien d’autre qu’à The Konki Duet en 2009, tant pis pour eux.

More infos:
Promo Page
Artist web site

Découvrez tous les services proposés par TEAMS aux artistes indépendants

Tsunami-Addiction & TEAMS présentent Let’s Kiss and Make Up

30 novembre 2009 10:10

TEAMS collabore avec le label Tsunami-Addiction pour lancer la compilation Let’s Kiss & Make Up.

Once upon a time, some toxic girls wanted to show their anger and affection.
As a result, it was just chaotic.
Several years later, some boyz, wanted to show their mellow side, they called it revenge, but it was just a smooth touch of weird mews.
So now it’s time for reconciliation! So boyz and girls, girls and girls, boys and boys,please give us a breath of peace.

Let’s kiss and make up is the third part of a series of compilations, following Toxic Girls! and Boyz Revenge!.

2 CDs which were really hot, as XLR8R (USA) or Les Inrocks (FR) mentioned it.

XLR8R: « it’s a kick ass sampler of
international musical curiosities: some of them fall into the shrinking gap
between rock and dance, others are of the ambient/ abstract/glitch ilk, and
others are novel, genre-less gems… »

Les Inrocks: « Boyz Revenge! une compilation mélodique, irrévérencieuse, troublante, infiniment touchante. »

Now it’s time for reconciliation!

Like the two first issues, everything began with a cool idea of Reiko Underwater from T-A, and a call entry launched a few months ago to friends and on Internet, in order to invite artists from everywhere to submit their tracks.

Milkymee, dDamage, Mochipet, Shannon Funchess, Hypo & EDH, Davide Balula, Kumisolo, O.Lamm, ii, La Chatte, She Keeps Bees & Sharon Van Etten, Tim Fite & Danielle Stech Homsy, Zoé Wolf & Damien Mingus, Khan-Linh & Mehdi, Tha Pumpsta, Look Look! (Dancing Boys), Lemonade & Glasser, Legends, Depth Affect, Trotskids on the Block, Holy Shit, Raoul Sinier & Sylvie Fretet, Kids of the Ranch, Shady Ladies join the project.

Including 23 exclusive tracks from a wide range of music genres and artists who come from Europe and USA.

What is TEAMS doing in this story?

– We are in charge of the digital distribution on web and mobile download services like iTunes,
AmazonMP3, 7Digital, Napster, Emusic and many more…
– We spread full tracks available on various social media and streaming services like LastFm, Deezer or Spotify.
– We help for PR, with sharing our address book,and broadcasting the digital press-kit to our music industry & media contacts and bloggers network.
– We support T-A in every steps of the compilation development, including the physical release period and the distribution issues of it:

Prepaid Download Card + lipstick:

Get the music with the unique code back on the handmade seed paper card. An exclusive wildflower cardstock, these are the ultimate in eco-friendly digital distribution. Once redeemed, these cards can be planted in the ground to grow wildflowers!
Yes, after your download (MP3 320 kbps), you can plant this card, and a flower will grow. For real!

Planting Instructions:
1. Tear the paper into pieces
2. Soak in water and spread out under 1/4″ of loose, well-drained soil.
3. Keep warm and moist.
4. With proper care, the paper will recycle into the soil, and the seeds will sprout into Black-eyed Susan’s. (Sprouting time should be 2-4 weeks. )

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