6 Best Kept Music Marketing Secrets

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Un article très intéressant sur les basiques du marketing musical web pour les musiciens indépendants. L’article a été publié en Janvier 2010 par Lior Shamir sur le blog Wearelistening

1. Email Is The Holy Grail

Whether you’re tricking out your MySpace page or performing at your
local venue, always think about what you can do to collect more email
addresses. Believe me, there is nothing of greater importance than your
email list.  If you’re not using a professional email marketing service
(EMS), you should start now.

2. Passive Radio Is Passé

Massive online radio sites get your music in front of targeted music
fans.  They are not your average passive radio listeners, they are
music fanatics feverishly searching for music just like yours.  Yeah,
you have to pay for the privilege, but the exposure you get in return
is guaranteed and trackable.  In the music biz, it’s hard to find that
kind of bang-for-your-buck value. Jango Airplay
is the largest online radio promotion service that I know of.  As a
Jango affiliate, I regularly send artists in their direction.  The
feedback from these artists has been phenomenal.

3. Get Professional Help

Whether it’s your songwriting or your marketing (or anything else),
never underestimate the value of expert advice.  We Are Listening
provides professional assessments for songs and lyrics.
It’s what we know and what we’re good at.  But you can find a service,
coach or consultant for any project you wish to
fast track to success.  The humility required to ask for help and
receive critical feedback is the mark of an independent artist and
entrepreneur that people want to listen to and associate with.
Personally, I can use all the help I can get!

4. Stand Out

You don’t have to be loud to stand out.  The smallest touches can make
a huge impact… and I don’t mean limited edition vinyls or
glow-in-the-dark t-shirts.  For example, I recently discovered that you
can create your own custom M&Ms.
It’s awesome.  Imagine every M&M with your message and image on it,
any colour scheme you like, and branded packaging.  Great munchies at a
gig.  Lovely gift for any holiday.

5. Follow The Leaders

I can’t think of a better way to learn about the music industry and
make great connections than by following individuals who have been
there, done it, succeeded, and willing to share their experiences with
you.  For free.  I recently published a post on the subject that should
get you started:

14 Music Industry Leaders (You Should Follow)

6. Be An Outstanding Communicator

Most people are not.  But it’s something that can be learned.  Remember Secret #1 (Email Is The Holy Grail)?
Well, that email list you’ve been growing is not worth a dime if you
can’t put a compelling message together.  Outstanding communicators
stand out, lead and succeed.  Are you an outstanding communicator?

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