Tsunami-Addiction & TEAMS présentent Let’s Kiss and Make Up

novembre 30, 2009 10:10 Publié par

TEAMS collabore avec le label Tsunami-Addiction pour lancer la compilation Let’s Kiss & Make Up.

Once upon a time, some toxic girls wanted to show their anger and affection.
As a result, it was just chaotic.
Several years later, some boyz, wanted to show their mellow side, they called it revenge, but it was just a smooth touch of weird mews.
So now it’s time for reconciliation! So boyz and girls, girls and girls, boys and boys,please give us a breath of peace.

Let’s kiss and make up is the third part of a series of compilations, following Toxic Girls! and Boyz Revenge!.

2 CDs which were really hot, as XLR8R (USA) or Les Inrocks (FR) mentioned it.

XLR8R: « it’s a kick ass sampler of
international musical curiosities: some of them fall into the shrinking gap
between rock and dance, others are of the ambient/ abstract/glitch ilk, and
others are novel, genre-less gems… »

Les Inrocks: « Boyz Revenge! une compilation mélodique, irrévérencieuse, troublante, infiniment touchante. »

Now it’s time for reconciliation!

Like the two first issues, everything began with a cool idea of Reiko Underwater from T-A, and a call entry launched a few months ago to friends and on Internet, in order to invite artists from everywhere to submit their tracks.

Milkymee, dDamage, Mochipet, Shannon Funchess, Hypo & EDH, Davide Balula, Kumisolo, O.Lamm, ii, La Chatte, She Keeps Bees & Sharon Van Etten, Tim Fite & Danielle Stech Homsy, Zoé Wolf & Damien Mingus, Khan-Linh & Mehdi, Tha Pumpsta, Look Look! (Dancing Boys), Lemonade & Glasser, Legends, Depth Affect, Trotskids on the Block, Holy Shit, Raoul Sinier & Sylvie Fretet, Kids of the Ranch, Shady Ladies join the project.

Including 23 exclusive tracks from a wide range of music genres and artists who come from Europe and USA.

What is TEAMS doing in this story?

– We are in charge of the digital distribution on web and mobile download services like iTunes,
AmazonMP3, 7Digital, Napster, Emusic and many more…
– We spread full tracks available on various social media and streaming services like LastFm, Deezer or Spotify.
– We help for PR, with sharing our address book,and broadcasting the digital press-kit to our music industry & media contacts and bloggers network.
– We support T-A in every steps of the compilation development, including the physical release period and the distribution issues of it:

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Planting Instructions:
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