TEAMS rend disponible les premiers albums de dDamage

TEAMS s’est occupé de mettre en vente digitale les 3 premiers albums de dDamage, pratiquement introuvables dans les bacs depuis quelques années déjà.

Les fans de dDamage qui ont pu découvrir le duo enragé de la scène électronique parisienne en concert ou grâce à leur dernières productions (The Truth & 100% Hate sur Tigerbeat6, Aeroplanes sur Ascetic Music, Shimmy Shimmy Blade sur T-A, Radio Ape sur Planet-mu), peuvent désormais se procurer leur premiers albums – agrémentés de bonus tracks – sur toutes les plateformes de téléchargement, et à très bon prix.

dDamage – Reverbreak This Beat Down (dDigital Version)
Released Date: 1997 (2008 re-issue) – TEAMS / Idol Distribution

« Reverbreak This Beat Down ». A title related to breakbeats and reverb effects. Two elements that are the core of this album, made of ambiant and tortured sounds. This cd was released in 1998. It was part of an artistic workshop exhibition, that was organized in Paris by Tsunami-Addiction. At that time, dDamage didn’t want to release this project in a regular way, but only in a regular time. Furthermore, the band’s musical approach has really changed since this first album.

dDamage – Harsh reality of daily life (dDigital Version)
Released Date: 2001 (2008 re-issue) – TEAMS / Idol Distribution

The second album of the Parisian electronic duo dDamage, Harsh Reality of Daily Life is simply terrific. It is a creative and complex album: They have samples of machines, sound manipulations, greasy guitars, hip-hop beats, and tortured vocals. Their tunes are mostly calm and groovy, but the sounds they use are aggressive, and, as Phonem, they have this interesting process to create peaceful melodies out of noisy samples.
They create a renewed interest in industrial music; they really sound like a collaboration between Neurosis and Sister Machine Gun, intermingling chaotic harsh things and groovy beats.

dDamage & Kowatabo – The Missing Link
Released Date: 2002 (2008 re-issue) – TEAMS / Idol Distribution

(On The Missing Link, French breakbeat noise duo dDamage joins forces with the smiliar sound specialist Kowatabo, in a work that represents the best of seven years worth of music between the three sound terrorists that is brooding in atmosphere, funky in its rhythms and rich in textures. The Missing Link is a musical meal best served with bass boosted and the volume on your speakers turned to max.

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