Réédition digitale des 1ers albums de Raoul Sinier

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TEAMS s’est occupé de la mise en vente digitale des 2 premiers albums de l’artiste parisien Raoul Sinier.

Raoul Sinier is without doubt a unique artist.
He juggles music, illustration and animation with a freewheeling talent.
The race of fantastic creatures that escape from Raoul Sinier’s imagination seem to be characterised by the same wavering reason found in human beings. The artist breathes absurd and derisory life into whale-men, animals, robots and other creatures in a dark and twisted world.
His music captures emotions and nails then down somewhere, on a familiar door. This kidnapping curiously liberates the listener and enables their penetration into the very sophisticated musical universe of the musician. The power of the inspiring alchemy is ever increasing with its captivating melodies and ultraviolent rhythms.
Films, animation… the videos he conceives and directs invent a wild form of multiplexing into which are plunged atypical images and music which follow an improbable script.

Raoul Sinier remixed, was remixed and worked with dDamage, Venetian Snares, µ-Ziq, Datach’i, Lynx and Ram, Mad EP, Wisp, Hecq, La Caution, Vast Aire…

Raoul Sinier – Wxfdswxc2 (extended)

« Wxfdswxc2 » is french artist Raoul Sinier’s (aka Ra) second full length album the follow up to his debut « Raoul Loves You ».
« Wxfdswxc2 » is 13 tracks of brilliant pop structured elements, overdriven noise guitar, killer synth arangments, dusty beats and catchy vocal bits and bobs not forgetting Ra’s use of room recordings and ability to showcase live instruments.

Released Date: 2007 (2008 re-issue) – TEAMS / Idol Distribution
Originally realeased on Sublight Records, Teams re-issue album offers 6 bonus tracks.

Also available « Ra loves you » (extended)

Released Date: 2008 – TEAMS / Idol Distribution
Originally realeased on Coredump Records in 2004, Teams re-issue album offers 6 bonus tracks.

Download Wxfdswxc2 (Extended) Digital Booklet (pdf)
Download Ra loves you » (Extended) Digital Booklet (pdf)

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